We three kings……

Three KingsHave you ever wondered how many wise men (also known as kings) there really were that came to see Jesus after his birth. According to the shrine for the “three” kings in Köln (also known as Cologne), Germany, there were only three kings and they have their remains to prove it. They really do believe that the bones are contained within the three segment sarcophagus in the Dom (the big cathedral). Well, all this to say – I’ve been published. The makers of the online travel guide Schmap.com selected one of my photos that I published on my Flickr.com site to be apart of their write up about the Shrine of the Three Kings. I feel really privileged.

But it makes me wonder as we go into this holiday season as to all the different traditions and stuff that we do. Is it just tradition that we do them or is there some significance as to how we relate to the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ that we do these things? Remembering the gifts that the wise men brought is significant to remembering who Jesus is but to dispute over how many there were – well, that’s just tradition but not of eternal significance. This Christmas is going to be different for me as it will the first Christmas without my parents or my sister. With that, my wife and I are trying to evaluate what traditions we want to have during our holiday season. As for my parents and my sister, they are just going on a Christmas cruise.

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