For all my First Termer Buddies

This last week we were in Switzerland going through a “First Termers Conference”. Basically, it was a bunch of us who are in our first few years of going to the mission field and we get together to help us understand the adjustments we are making and get any other help that we might need for making this transition.

Anyway, above is the photo slide show I made for our last night as a group. When I showed it, it had music but because of copyright laws, I can’t use the music that I had used.

I also promised that I would upload all of my photos (about 359 of them) to my website so that they could get them. A lot of them are not very good but ya know, if you take enough of pictures you are bound to get lucky every once in a while. Anyway, you can check out my photos here in the Photo Album.

If you are wanting to download them to show around, you may find its easier going directly to my Flickr Account. Remember, you have to be logged into Flickr to be able to download my photos but to get a login is free.

To all of those at the conference, it was great being with ya’ll and can’t wait to see you another time.

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