A good way to filter Internet content to your home, office or computer center

OpenDNSWe are currently working diligently on putting together what we call an “eLearning Center” solution. In just a couple of weeks, a few of us eDOT’ers are going to be in Ukraine to install our first all Microsoft Windows based computer center. The problem is that we don’t have everything working together the way we want it. But we’ll get there. The fun part will be that we will be doing our first install in Russian (I have yet to learn Russia, but at least Microsoft puts the same icons and places everything pretty much in the same place when they do different localizations).

Anyway, all this to say that we found (through eDOT’er Andrew) this great way of filtering your content and reporting on where people are going that use your Internet connection. It’s called OpenDNS.

Now many of you are probably wondering what DNS is. Well, to use this free service you don’t have to know what it is but if you do desire to know – DNS is Dynamic Name System which is when you type in “Google.com” that your computer figures out to go to the IP address (kinda like an Internet Server’s phone number) to view that website.

While this way of doing content filtering is not 100% perfect (none of them are other than just not going online), it is effective and easy to set up. And best of all, it’s free!

So if you are a person that just doesn’t want to accidentally see some of the stuff that is in the Internet world, or don’t want to be tempted by it, maintain a computer center or small office, or have a kids in the house that you want to help protect their innocence – consider setting up OpenDNS on your computers and networks.

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