Alex’s First Day of 1st Grade

All excited

This week was a big week in our family. ALEX IS IN 1ST GRADE!! He has begun to go to the international school here in town. They have an exciting tradition to start off the year where there is an opening ceremony. In the ceremony, the senior class (the school is 1st thru 12th grade) comes in carrying flags from every country that is represented (either a student holds a passport from there or their parents live there). It was a lot of flags. Later, they read each country and the students stood up if it represented them. It was truly amazing to see where everyone came from.

Another exciting part of the ceremony was the presentation of the Class of 2019 (yes, that’s Alex’s class). Seven little first graders went up on stage and the director of the school interviewed them. Here’s what we found out: Alex is not afraid of crowds and he says whats on his mind. At the end of Alex’s interview, the director made the comment to the crowd: “Future class president”. I don’t know, but something about that comment scares me.

Anyway, Alex is in a great class with some great teachers. His primary teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, is also the elementary school principal so in the afternoon Mrs. Riffe comes in. His class is made up of five boys (including him) plus two girls. Several of the children speak both English and German and one boy is just learning English so our hope is that Alex will still want to learn more German (he still takes official German classes in the school) even though his classes are now in English.

Please pray with us that Alex will make some great friends in his class and that he will be a good student. Please pray for his teachers. They are really good teachers and have a great experience so we are really excited that he will be in their hands.

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  1. Exciting day! Praying for you. I sent my daughter home to the USA today. It gets easier – but you never stop being a mom.

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