A Night on the Hill


The other night I just needed some time alone so I decided to go up on the hill behind our place. Just me and my camera. Well, it took about half an hour to get out the door (our German neighbor wanted to talk and I needed to sieze any opportunity to speak German) but finally I was in God’s creation.

Its been a while since I was much of a hiker (did some when I was in high school) but most of my time now is inside with a computer. But I am always amazed when I am out in nature. You can look out into the vastness of the sky or across the fields and just be in awe. Then you can look at the smallest of creatures trying to make it over a peeble and come to an understanding of the limitlessness of God. What an imagination God must have to be able to create all these different things. I just sat in wonder.

Well, here are the photos which you can find in the photo album. Some you might find interesting. Some you might wonder why I took them. But all I can say is that I have a digital camera, and I’m not afraid to us it. Tschuess.

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