Burgruine Rötteln

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Today we had a nice little family hike to our “local” castle, Burgruine Rötteln, which is in Lörrach (about 15 km from our house). It is just a beautiful day and so we parked a little ways away and hiked over to the castle. Then we explored all the areas of the castle (with a very happy and exploring child).

Something we have found interesting is that when you live in America, a lot of people have a fascination with castles and the fairy tales of knights and princesses. However over here in the land of castles (and the origins of fairy tales – remember the Brothers Grimm are from the Black Forest), a lot of people have a fascination with teepees and the Native Americans. Just something to think about.

Check out our exploration of Burgruine Rötteln in the photo album.

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