Cobb’s Seven Rules of Love

HeartI read many blogs from around the blogsphere. Reading blogs allows you to see things from other’s perspectives. It was interesting the other day when I read Cobb’s Seven Rules of Love. Now, Cobb comes from a different perspective than myself and his intention was probably different than the way I interpreted it but I found his thoughts moving. Below is his thoughts with my additions in italics

Cobb’s Seven Rules of Love

Love must be felt, not simulated, not imagined or faked. This is the first and most important thing about love.

Real love is a choice. God doesn’t just love us because we exist, He loves us by choice. And God has given us the choice about whether to love Him or not.

Love must be singular. There can only be one object of your loving affection. Love must be faithful, gladly.

True love is about only One. Love God with all that you are, have and will be. It is by loving God alone, that in turn we are filled with His overflowing love to divert towards others

Love must be voluntary and not coerced. You should not feel obligated to love but genuinely desire to love.

God has the power to force us to love Him. He chose not to use that power as He knows that love is meant to be freely given just like when a child says to his parent’s “I love you” and they haven’t given him or promised him anything (something of my experience there)

You must love the person for who they are and who they want to be, wholly. Not because of their car. Not because it feels good to be in love. Not for whom you wish they would be.

Love for God is not about what He will do for you, get for you or promises of heaven. Love for God is because He is an awesome God who is pure, holy, righteous and just. Normally, those who choose not to love Him because they don’t understand who He is

You must desire their physical company. You physically change in the presence of your lover.

For those of you who love God, do you desire to be in His presence? Do you long for Jesus’ return? Think about the story of the virgins (bridesmaids) waiting for the bridegroom in Matthew 25. Do you have your oil?

Love must affect you profoundly, make you willing to make sacrifices. You cannot merely turn it on and turn it off, it must be something near the center of your life.

Do you love God because its convenient? Is it a love to get what you want but when there’s a choice to be made, the love subsides? Loving God requires that you give up your “rights”. He alone is what matters. In many countries today, to love God (the true God) – you have to be willing to sacrifice all that you have. Now that’s love

I hope that these definitions make you think about what you believe is love and how to live that out.

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