Roes Update – May 2007

eDOT LogoIn 11 days we will be finished with our formal language school commitment and will begin (finally) the work God has brought us here to do. Screech, Halt! Let me rephrase, 5 months ago God brought us to Germany to begin the work he had for us to do… we’ve already been doing it. Actually these next weeks bring a mixture of sadness and joyous expectation for us. The last 5 months we have made wonderful friends in our language course, and had more than a few opportunities to share the love of Christ with them. Our learning German will continue to be important component of our ministry here. We’ve completed the equivalent of 3 years of collage German in 4 ½ months, but know we have a long way to go still.

Next week Courtney will begin full time with eDOT (electronic Discipleship Outreach Training – ). The eDOT team has been waiting patiently for a full-time computer person to come on board and so the projects have been piling up. Courtney feels a bit overwhelmed by both the learning curve and the great expectations that are now getting placed on him. (He’s going to do great!) Also, he has trips to Berlin, Hungary, Austria, Scandinavia, and Ukraine coming this fall.

Krista has been exploring areas for her to plug into ministry and is trying out two opportunities that use her gifts in administration. The first will be working a bit with eDOT in helping to manage budgets. She will also be assisting our missions’ Coordinator for Lifelong Missionary Effectiveness. It’s basically long-term personal and leadership development for our missionaries throughout Europe. This will be coupled with attending a local women’s German bible study and running our household.

Alex will continue going to German Kindergarten until August (they don’t have much of a summer break here in Germany) and then he will start at Black Forest Academy (an international school for missionaries).

This is an exciting time filled with much emotion. We are excited that God has brought us to this point like He promised and that He has selected us (and you) to be a part of what He is doing here.

Here are some things to pray for over this transition period:
1) Pray for our language school friends, that we will be able to continue relationships with them and they would continue to question spiritual things with us.
2) Courtney is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work waiting for him. Pray that Courtney will have the wisdom to prioritize properly and the ability to complete these tasks appropriately.
3) Pray that Alex would grow in his desire to learn German. Although surrounded by it at school and church, he tends to seek out only English speakers. Pray for us to have wisdom on how to encourage him here.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. Please let us know what is going on ya’lls lives. We do more updates on our blog at .

God bless,
Courtney, Krista and Alex Roes

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