Family outing in Basel

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Today was a fun day. Alex has two weeks off from school and next week I startworking full time at eDOT so we are trying to get some time in together. So Krista and Alex met me in Basel after my German class was done. Alex got to meet a lot of my friends from class. I think he was a little overwhelmed as they know about him. He’s usually the subject of my German speaking attempts in class.

So we parked the car near the Basel walking street area, caught a doll museum (Krista thought it was something else but it was still fun), grabbed a bite to eat at “Cindy’s Diner” which was trying to be a New York diner with all the chrome but it just didn’t seem right, and walked around the Rathaus (kinda like City Hall only the city was started in the Middle Ages) and the Munster (a really big and old church). It was a bit overcast and there was some drizzle every once in a while but otherwise, we had a really good time. Be sure to check out our photos in the Photo Album.

PS – I know some of the pictures are redundant from our class field trip into Basel, but I had a new camera and was just taking pictures of everything.

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