Roes Update – Week 1 – January 19, 2007

Dear friends and family,

We are doing very well here! We arrived Tuesday, January 10th and we’re able to stay at the e-Dot director’s home for the first week. This was wonderful to get over jet lag and not worry about what to cook.

Last Tuesday (the 16th) our container arrived. In one hour 15 of our new best friends had everything placed into our apartment. It’s not a very big apartment (by American standards) but everything we brought fits very nicely. The last few days have been unboxing and running around finding things. Yesterday we went to Ikea and Super Wal-Mart (yes, they have that here) to find wardrobes, and appliances. Our e-Dot team mates have been so helpful taking us around and helping us learn the rules of driving.

Alex had a ½ day try at Kindergarten on Wednesday and really loved it. He’ll officially start next Monday, the 22. He is doing very well and even had a short play date today. He especially loves his new bunk bed that one of the other missionaries gave to us. We are all getting used to the walking and the amount of time that it takes to get anything done – mostly because of a much slower pace of life here and the fact that we don’t know where to find things.

We will be picking up our new (to us) car tomorrow. It’s a Ford Focus Diesel Station wagon we bought from a local dealer who “takes care of the missionaries”. Courtney got a chance to follow behind the dealer as he test drove one of our car options on the autobahn. He got up to 111 mph. That’s not the one we’re buying, but a similar one.

Our phone was installed yesterday but our DSL will still take a couple of weeks so please be patient if we don’t reply to your e-mail promptly… but we would like to hear from youJ.

Overall we are doing well. We are overwhelmed with decisions to make, often with vague or incomplete information to base those decisions on… but we keep on going.

Some prayer requests:

1) We are blessed with a beautiful apartment and know its God’s gift as a resting and re-energizing place for us to base out of. Our clothes washer/dryer combo unit in our kitchen is having problems. It runs for 2 to 45 minutes and then cuts out for no reason we can discern. We are praying that it is “user error” rather than something truly wrong as we’d hate to have to buy a new one at this point.

2) Our landlord’s mother, Frau Vollmer, lives downstairs. She is 83 but lively and loves children (read – can tolerate loud noises). We are unsure of her relationship with God but pray that as we become great friends that we can be a light to her.

3) Alex will start school on Monday. Pray for him as he gets used to language and cultural challenges. There are 2 other MK (missionary kid) boys that go there. Also pray that as our family interacts with the teachers and the parents that we will find opportunities to become friends and share our faith.

4) We will be starting language school in February. Pray that we can choose the right school and that our minds will begin to absorb the language here.

Quote of the week: From Frau Vollmer our landlord’s mother who lives downstairs: “So do you speak Oxford English or American slang?” – She wasn’t being insulting at all, just an honest question that I wasn’t sure how to answer.

Thanks to all of you who give and pray so that we can be here,

Krista and Courtney Roes

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