Superman, beliefs, and reality

Superman EmblemYesterday, Krista and I had a nice date afternoon where we went and saw the new “Superman Returns” movie. I know, a lot of Christians are saying that the Superman movie has a lot of parallels to Christ but I don’t want to get into all of that. Instead, I would like to comment about two statements that are made in the movie.

Warning: Spoiler alert– At one point in the movie after Superman has returned to Metropolis, he flys up into the sky with Lois Lane and he asks her why she wrote her Pulitzer winning article “Why the world doesn’t need Superman”. Her reply was, “I learned that I didn’t need a savior.” Because of Superman’s super hearing, he responds, “All I hear is people needing a savior”

As a Christian, I think its important to listen to the questions people have and not just spout out things. One of the big questions I hear, from atheists especially, is “What do we need saving from?” I can’t just answer the question directly because there’s a fundemental difference between what they view as reality and what I do. The first has to do with beliefs. Most atheists, agnostics, unitarians and others believe that beliefs are not reflective of reality but of the individual that holds them. In other words, they say you can understand more about a person by what they believe but not necessarily about how the universe works. However, to those of us that hold onto beliefs, we see these beliefs as how the universe really is.

So let me tell you about my beliefs; how I understand reality to be:

  • I believe that there is a God.
  • I believe that God is a good God who is the creator of all things and is still deeply involved in all that He created. He loves His creations.
  • I believe that God created mankind (women and men alike) to be unique creations where we have both a soul and a physical body. These are supernaturally intertwined.
  • I believe that our souls were created to be linked to our Creator.
  • I believe that because God’s nature is pure good and therefore can not be intermixed with anything that is not good, there are a set of rules by which we are to live our lives to keep that link between God and our souls. Please do not stop reading but continue on, especially if you think all Christians try to do is ram rules down peoples throats!!
  • I believe that there really was an Adam and Eve, first of God’s human creations, that decided to break the rules which broke that link between their souls and God.
  • I believe that because this link of soul and God is supernatural, it can only be reconnected supernaturally.
  • I believe that the Old Testament in the Bible reveals many things but one of those is that we humans can not do the reconnecting to God ourselves. It also shows how God does not just walk away from His creation that rejected Him but is adamently pursuing them to reconnect.
  • I believe that God so loved the world, that He sent His son Jesus Christ to make that supernatural reconnection.
  • I believe that Jesus Christ is 100% man and that He is 100% God. While not a different God than God the Father but is of the same essence as God the Father. This is not the place to go into all of this, but someday, I’d love to talk about how the trinity is only one God but how God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all God.
  • I believe that Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself so that when He died on the cross and then was resurrected from death, He provided the way for all to be reconciled with God the Father.
  • I believe it was because Jesus was both God and man, because of His supernatural birth to a virgin, and because He was able to live by the rules set forth by God’s nature that Jesus was the only suitable being by which this reconcillation could occur.
  • I believe that God now gives us the choice as to whether we want to be in an intimate relationship with Him. He has provided the way for it to happen but does not force Himself upon us.
  • I believe that the way to this intimate relationship is by having faith (which is more than belief) in Jesus Christ and by that faith, our souls are reconnected to God the Father.
  • I believe that when we have faith in Jesus, He sends us the Holy Spirit to work in our lives revealing God’s goodness.

This is the reality I believe truly exists. Therefore, when someone asks “What do we need to be saved from?”, I can understand that the answer “Ourselves!” is not acceptable to them. They do not believe the reality that I just described exists so they see no need for a savior. But this is reality and whether they see it or not, they do need a savior. Part of what God asks us (Christians – those having faith in Jesus) to do, is help those without faith to understand reality so that they can make an informed decision about whether they want to reconnect their souls with God or not. We do this by reflecting God’s love.

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