Hearing Shouts and Whispers

ListeningOne of the comments that we keep hearing is “Wow, I don’t think I could do what you’re doing – picking and moving like that.” And my usual response is something like, “Well, when God calls, its easier to go than to stay.”

Everyone looks at what we are preparing to do as a big deal (yes, its is a big deal for us) but our responses to “big deals” start in the “everyday deals”. Let me explain. Its how we deal with the “everyday deals” (read as everyday decisions) that prepare us for the big decisions that are set before us. Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest talks about it in terms of crisis. He says that we think to ourselves that we will be prepared for the next crisis but we may not be. It depends on how we are living day to day that tells us whether we are prepared for crisis. Everyday, every little thing, every little decision (no matter how mundane) is our training ground. The question you have to ask yourself is “Do I see God’s work and help in my everyday decisions so that I can see Him in the big decisions of life?”

I have pondered before when I have had to stop at a traffic light when I was in a hurry as to what was God’s purpose for me to have to stop? Was it because if I made this light, then I was driving a path that was to collide with another car? Was it because I am to give a smile to the driver that has pulled up next to me, a smile that will help that person see God in their day? (Did you know smiles can do that?)

Please don’t hear me saying that Krista and I have this all down on a day to day basis and that’s why we can hear God in this big decision for our lives. We struggle with the day to day and God had to really shout at us for us to hear His calling to move to Europe. But if you are saying, “I could never move like that.” May I suggest to you that God is calling you in many ways every day and to listen closely. One day, that calling may be something huge that right now, you may never hear nor know how to respond to.

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  1. I guess every missionary hears that sometimes. I think you’ve got a good response there. 🙂

    A comment like that is probably just meant as a compliment. Then again, if we start saying “I could never…” we may be forgetting about the grace and power of God. If God called – would we? Could we (in His strength)?

    You’re right – do we allow Him to work through us in the little things? Do we see His power in this moment? Or do we say “I could never…” because we make a habit of doing things on our own?

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