Methods of Witness

Thunder RoadYesterday as Krista and I were going through all of our things in the garage (we were taking to much stuff to Germany so we pulled items out that we have decided not to take) and two gentlemen from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints came by in their white shirts and ties. They were very friendly and even offered to help us as we were moving around some larger furniture. Then they asked me if I was a Christian.

This quickly took me back to when I worked security at a local amusement park. Yearly, a Christian denomination would rent out the park completely for two days. So for two days, I was continuously approached and asked “Are you a Christian?” and when I answered “Yes”, they would respond “Are you sure you are a born-again Christian?” To which I would respond, “Yes, I have a personal relationship with God the Father because of the grace given through Jesus’ work on the cross. And I have the Holy Spirit.” I would throw the last part in there just in case. (I was 18 yrs old at the time)

Being one of the only “outspoken” Christians on my security team (in other words, everybody on the team knew I was a Christian mainly because I didn’t drink beer at the partys), they would come up to me after those days and complain about how rude people were, how they would surround them and shove Bible tracs into their hands and bug them asking if they wanted to accept Jesus into their heart. Ironically, these days were also the highest volume of shop lifting, line breaking, and ejections from the park for security to handle. These two days were the biggest anti-witness of Jesus Christ to my fellow security guards and I didn’t know how to respond to them as I felt like they did. Not about God, but about these God followers.

My question is this: Does this method of witnessing work? Both the Mormons and these fellow Christians approach you and make you question what you believe.

I do believe we are called to ask people if they believe or not in Jesus Christ but are we called to do it in a confronting manner? I know some come to an understanding of Jesus Christ through this method but was it because God had already softened their heart or because they were called to question what they believe? But how many more are confronted and this is just yet one more thing that they can hold as an excuse not to listen to the Good News of Jesus. How should we ask the question to a person?

I know what I believe, but I leave these questions to you. Feel free to leave a comment.

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