In His Timing

God's ClockWe are dependant upon God’s timing. It’s an easy statement to say. There, I just did. It’s also an easy statement to logically think about: If God is creator of the universe then He is creator of time and therefore everything would happen within His timing. But it’s not always an easy statement to live. This is where God has us right now. Living in the statement that it is His timing and not ours for when we are to leave for Germany and honestly, my heart is torn.

On one side, I want to be able to make plans and know that they will come to be. I want to be able to answer my son and others when they say “When are we/you leaving?” (Actually, Alex’s question is more of “When are we getting a puppy?” as he knows we are going to buy him one in Germany) I want to know if I can make 4th of July plans with my family or will we be frantically finishing our packing then. Its a little bit of life in limbo as we don’t know what is in the immediate future but we do know that the future has us in Germany.

On the other side, I am so thankful that it is God’s timing and not our own that we live in. In God’s timing, the people we are going to meet in Europe – He is preparing for our arrival. In God’s timing, God is preparing us for living a life as missionaries. In God’s timing, He is allowing us the time to enjoy being with our friends and families before making the move across the pond.

The really cool thing about God’s timing for us is that He has put in place a way for Him to reveal His timing. Its a kind of clock really but its not a sun dial or a round face with a spring; its those that are joining us in our ministry i.e. YA’LL (there’s my southern again) As people come on board with our ministry by praying for us and committing to financially support us, the hands on God’s clock move. Many people don’t understand why some missionaries have to raise supporters but it’s a very Biblical thing that God put into place. Paul is an example as the first missionary and while there were a few times that he worked to support himself, most of the time his needs were met by the churches and they were pleased to do so (2 Corinthians 8-9).

Please pray with us as we meet with people asking them if they are called to be a part of this ministry. Be with us as we watch God’s clock move bringing us closer to the move to Europe.

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