Alex Graduates Preschool

Alex\'s GraduationYesterday was a good day. Herbert Alexander Roes graduated from Trinity UMC Preschool. (Most of you know him as Alex) I always wondered about those mothers that have a hard time sending their kids off to kindergarten for the first time and I think I have an idea now how they feel. I did get a little emotional as I thought about how fast Alex is growing up. I thought about how much he talks now (which is continuous) compared to the gurgling noises he made when we brought him home from the hospital. I thought about how much he enjoys being with other kids; being the socialite of our family (takes after his grandmother).

At the end of the summer, Alex will be starting Kindergarten but the question is where. Will it be here in the States or in a true Kindergarten (Kinder is German for “Children” and Garten is “Garden) in Germany? We are in God’s hands. We know its His timing and not ours but our desire is for Alex to start Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year in Germany (1st week of September). Kindergarten in Germany will be a true experience for Alex. He will be attending a German Kindergarten which means that the teacher and the students will all speak German. Being the talkative 5 year old, we expect him to get momentarily frustrated with not being able to talk to the others so he will then get determined to learn the German language (even today, he came into our room saying something and then telling us that that was German for “to eat”. It wasn’t the right word – essen – but it was funny to hear him try). Then soon, Alex will be translating for us as we are sure he is going to learn German faster than both of us combined.

Pray for His timing.

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