Photos of Colorado

Sorry I have not been writing as much lately but as many of you know, we are in Colorado, USA at Mission Training International going through their SPLICE program which is preparing us for our work in Europe. I am normally online for a majority of the day but here, I am only able to get on a couple of short times a day.

I just wanted to show you some of the pictures of the scenery that we have seen while we have been out here.

These were taken on the trail behind our training facility:

These were taken on a drive to and from and at Trail West Lodge (A Young Life camp I worked at a long time ago) that is in central Colorado:

On Sunday, we took the opportunity to go to an Eastern Orthodox church:

We’ll post more soon!!!

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  1. Just a little jealous of your time in Colorado. It’s my personal favourite state and I haven’t been there in quite awhile. Hope the MTI time is really great for your whole family. Keep plugging away on the support thing as well. It’s a wild experience but I (eventually) came away being changed by all that God taught me during those years (3 for us but hopefully less for you and any other appointee out there!).

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