Faster than Light

Albert Einstein, my heroFrom –> Faster than light

I know all of you are well versed in Einstein’s (my hero) Special Theory of Relativity that essentially says that nothing is faster than the speed of light. But in reading the article above, you’ll find that some scientists in Switzerland got light to go faster than light (and was even able to slow it down). In reading the article, you’ll see that it’s a perception issue whereas the light is broken up and frequencies are altered to lower or speed up the speed of light. Have I lost you? That’s ok. I’m caught up in the whirlwind of it all too.

But it’s interesting that one of the first things God created was Light (Genesis 1:3) and we are still fascinated with it and trying to figure out how it all works. Light has always played an integral part of our lives. Time is counted based on the amount of time it is from when we first see light to when we will see it again (a day). We even alter time with daylight savings so that we can have more time in the light. When the sun is unavailable, we even create our own lights to imitate the sun so that we can have more light. Even insects are drawn to light (and electrocuted if you have one of those “special” lights). All of creation has been curiously drawn to light.

What about a spiritual light? In Europe, people are striving to be “enlightened”. However, for them to be “enlightened” is to move past Christianity and religion and to have independent enlightenment through the use of their minds. What is it that we have done as the Church to not show the Europeans (and others) where true spiritual enlightenment is? That is it is through Jesus Christ!! Why is it that they view Christianity as out of date and ignorant?

We as Christians need to be “enlightened” in our own lives so that we can reflect the Son’s (read Jesus Christ) light to the world!! Please join with us in this endeavor.

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