Odd man out

Legos experimentWe have moved full swing into our SPLICE training at MTI. The training is made up of different tpes of learning methods (which is good because I don’t think I could handle all lectures). One of the lessons today was done when we were broken up into five groups. One of the groups was taken out of the room while the other four were given a bag of legos and told just to make something. It didn’t matter what it was or if we did it as a team or as individuals. My particular group decided to make a castle with a wagon (which became an offroad wagon – of course ) As we went along creating this thing, we noticed that we only had a few colors – green, white, and yellow.

Then something happened. One of the members of that group that was taken out came and sat at our table and asked what we were doing. We told him. Then he pulled out black and red legos and asked if he could join in.

We had a decision to make. It wasn’t like we needed his legos (although the extra colors would be nice) and I questioned if he really understood what our vision was for this castle and wagon. I also wondered about what trick he might have up his sleeve. But Cam (one of the guys in our group) said sure and so we started working with him.

As it turned out, this was a look at what its like to being new and working with a group in a new culture. This really made us look at ourselves and how we react to new people joining our groups. It also put us in the shoes of those to whom we are going to be the new people joining their groups.

I hope more and more of our time here comes with these revelations. Please continue to pray for us in that regards. Also, please continue to pray for health (this altitude and dryness is affect our sinuses and lungs) and for the sale of our home which is to close on March 8th – My mother is going to sign for us with power of attorney. Everything is still a go for that closing. Thank you.

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