In Colorado – tis the life

There’s not a whole lot to report out here in Colorado, USA. We got up early this morning (Alex thought it was still the night before because the sun hadn’t come up yet) and made our way to the airport in uneventful style. We flew through Minneapolis, MN on our way to Colorado. On that first flight, I got to speak with a gentlemen about what we are called to do in Europe while Alex was enjoying everything (and I mean everything) about the flight. It was really neat as Alex tried to figure out what were the frozen lakes and rivers below amidst all the snow.

After a very quick Burger King run, we got on our second flight. Once we got to Colorado Springs airport, we were greeted by Neva Ringdahl. Neva took us back to her house where Krista was able to get some rest while Alex and I got to go with Neva around town and she showed us the places that we are going to be going to over the next few days. It was great.

Then we got an adventure. Now all of Neva’s six children were home. Alex fit right in and they put him right in the sleeping bag and slid him down the stairs right away.

After dinner with the Ringdahls and a round of “What was best about today” at the dinner table, we made our way to the Davis’ where we will be staying until Monday. Their place is wonderful where they have a separate little apartment in their home including wireless access (my fears were relieved!!!).

This is the life.

Please pray as tomorrow we will be going for our Colorado Driver’s licenses and doing some shopping. They are having the winter clothes sales right now which is perfect for us but pray that we can find the things on our list. Also pray as we get used to the altitude and dryness that is here. Thanks so much.

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