Going for Gold

Going for GoldThe past two days have been interesting. Yesterday, we spent from 9 AM to 3 PM at the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. After their computers went down twice (darn computers!) and after they called Courtney back to redo his picture because they took the original one with the wrong paperwork, we were able to get our Colorado Driver’s licenses – well, not really. They will be mailing them to us in the next two weeks. These licenses will save us thousands of dollars when we go to Germany because Germany accepts them as equal to a German license where our North Carolina licenses would require exams and possible driver classes.

Today was an adventure. In an effort to finish raising our support, we decided to go digging for gold in a real gold mine. Just kidding. We all did walk away with some gold (not enough to support our ministry though). We also went to Breckenridge, Colorado and did some sledding.

We start our training tomorrow night. Please keep us in your prayers.

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