Always be prepared

Always be preparedEarlier this year, I was honored when one of my former students from the youth group asked me to speak at his Eagle scout ceremony. Now, I was never really boy scout material growing up. I remember a distinct conversation with the pack master when I was in cub scouts that went something like “Son, some are made for boy scouts and others aren’t and well, you…er…well” and that ended my time in the cub/boy scouts.

Ironically though, I have always tried to live by the motto “Always be prepared”. I carry a pocket knife with me in the event that I run into a wandering bear or more likely need to cut open that bag of chips that just wouldn’t pull open. I love having a Palm PDA as you can cram tons of information in them for the “Just in case”. Need the wiring order for a pass thru CAT5 cable? Where’s the closest free WiFi hotspot? Need a calculator that can drawup your monthly mortgage payments? I sync everyday with multiple newspaper websites so that if I get stuck somewhere I have something fresh to read. I also have nine versions of the Bible in my Palm just in case I need to see if something is translated in a different way (this requires me to carry an extra SD memory card – but sometimes that’s what it takes to be prepared).

Now I know some of you are reading on in amazement and others have already stopped reading and are praying for us (especially for Krista and wondering how she lives with me). But being prepared is what this week and the following month are about for us. We leave on Tuesday, Feb 21st, for one month of Preparation Training in Colorado. We will be going through the SPLICE (Spiritual Personal Lifestyle Interpersonal Cultural Endure/Enjoy) at Mission Training International (MTI) in Palmer Lake, Colorado. Its just north of Colorado Springs. During this time we will be learning about how to live in another culture, work better in a team environment, and learning more about ourselves so that we are prepared to make the move that God has before us. We are also doing some logistical things like getting Colorado drivers licenses (these are equivalent to German licenses so we can trade them in when we get there whereas our North Carolina licenses would require we take driving school and exams – very expensive) and we are shopping for winter clothes – real winter clothes, not the kind you find in North Carolina.

So right now Krista and I are preparing ourselves for leaving my parent’s house (which is where we are living right now), making sure we are prepared for our trip (I have all our flight information, diagrams of all the airports and emergency phone numbers in my Palm), doing the last minute things that are needed to make sure the sale of our house is on track (we are closing on March 8th while we are in Colorado – thank goodness for power of attorney) and packing our suitcases.

We are preparing ourselves not only for this trip, but for the journey God has laid before us. Please pray that we will be open to how God moves us to be prepared. Please continue to pray that the sale of our house will go through smoothly. Also, please continue to pray that people will want to join us as part of our team in a financial way. Once our training is done and our house sells, all that will be left is for us to reach the 100% mark for our monthly expenses (we are currently at 63%).

PS – We will be blogging from Colorado however we don’t know how often but check back for pictures and information from the Mountain Time Zone.

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