Men, snow, and trust

The TeamMy posts have been delayed due the fact that I actually spent some time away from the computer. I know those of you that know me are probably in shock but I handled the withdrawal pretty good. It was actually pretty easy as I got to hang out with a bunch of men from my church on a Men’s retreat this last weekend. We had a great time learning about how to fight not against our families but FOR our families.

One particular experience from the weekend was when we got to do a team ropes course. My team was made up of Keith, Eric, Burns, Mike (not pictured) and myself. It was very interesting as not only were we dangling about 30-40 feet above the ground but those on the ground had some really slow targets (US!) to throw snowballs at. We had just gotten a really good snow (for North Carolina at least) which meant that we moved slower up there and those below had a lot of ammo.

Several parts of the course had ice on them but to accomplish the course as a team meant that we had to hold onto each other (sometimes a little too much). When we got done, we felt great about what we had just done. It took a lot of team work, communication, and trust to get through the course. But isn’t that what life is about – a lot of team work, tons of communication, and then there’s trust.

I know this is something that I have struggled with as to trust someone mean’s that you give up control. Ironically, American money has “In God we TRUST” imprinted on it but does any country really trust God? Do they really give up control to God? As individuals, do we really trust God? I know that God has been moving us to trust Him more and more as we have been preparing to go out onto the field. There are so many things that have to happen before we can move to Germany but God just keeps reminding us that He has called us to Germany therefore we have to trust Him to make everything come together to make the move.

Please continue to pray that we will learn more and more how to trust God with everything in our lives and more and more of our lives we have to depend on Him.

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