What does it mean to be in Ministry Partner Development?

That’s what Krista and I have started doing full time now – Ministry Partner Development. If you are not familiar with career missions with a faith based organization such as Greater Europe Mission, a lot of it has to do with raising up support, both financial and prayer. Mission agencies do not have money to “hire” missionaries; instead we must find people who will support us on an ongoing basis so that we can do the work that God has called us to.

Does this mean that we are asking for hand outs or in business terms, looking for people to buy “stock” in us? Are we selling ourselves? No. Instead what we are called to do in Ministry Partner Development is proclaim to people the calling God has laid on our hearts. Lay out the needs of Europe (if you want to know more, look at the posts under the topic Why Europe) and explain how God is calling us to help those that have these needs. It is by God that people who believe in this calling and want to be a part of it decide to become Ministry Partners.

Want to know more about our calling? Want to hear more about the needs of Europe? Contact us as we love to talk about what God has laid on our hearts.

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