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Say No to SpandexSorry for no post yesterday. I had hoped that I would have been able to post something about the Carolina Panthers football team going to the Super Bowl but that was not to be. So I left yesterday empty as a kind of moment of silence.

Today as I am still in a football mourning stage, I just wanted to babble about things that come into my head like “Is light a particle or a wave?” (Sorry to those of you that don’t know about this great debate – research it and stay up at night thinking about as I do). Oh, I did come to a conclusion though – Yes. (For those of you that know Boolean logic).

I also wonder how some things are invented. I know Post-It notes were an experiment gone bad. They tried to make the next great adhesive but it didn’t work. Then they figured out that it sticked just good enough but didn’t leave residue or make a permanent bond and 3M said, “Wow, that would be great on little pieces of paper.”

But how did spandex get invented? And why? Could they de-invent it?

I also wonder how people don’t get excited in reading Scripture. I mean, I was reading tonight about how when the Israelites were lost in the desert, God provided food from heaven on a daily basis. The Israelites called this food manna. You know what manna means – “What is this?” because that’s what they said when they saw it. (Exodus 16:15) For the longest time, I thought manna might mean something like “Gift from Heaven” or “Food from Heaven” or “God giveth” or something profound. But no, it was just the Israelites response as God provided for them on a daily basis and their response – “What is this?” I guess if you live with miracles every day like living through the plagues, parting of the Red Sea, following a cloud/tower of fire around the desert, then some nice food falling from heaven every day (except the Sabbath but the food was doubled up the day before) is no big deal.

It reminds me of that old candy bar – “Whatchamacallit”. Which makes me think – How did they invent chocolate? Never mind but I just want to say “Thank you!!!!”

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