Sitting on the bus, just getting holy

The BusSorry for not writing over the past few days but I have been traveling. I got to go to a meeting of pastors and elders in our denomination. It was a great time and I got to meet several more people interested in partnering with us on our adventure. Now I am studying for my Old Testament final. I have to quote the professor of my course as I find it so enlightening but also very funny:

Holiness is not contagious. That’s a principle. It does not happen automatically. You can’t accidentally get holy. You can’t say, ‘I don’t know what happened…I was sitting on the bus next to this guy with a reverse collar –he must have been a priest or something–and when I got off the bus, I was less sinful.’ It just does not work that way…there has to be a transformation of you.

–Dr. Stuart

This is a problem we have in the Church today. People say, “Well, I went to church.” But are their lives changing. Just sitting, going through motions does not bring you closer to God. It’s taking the truth and making it a part of your life that brings you closer to God. I’m not saying this to discourage anyone from doing just that but more to say to the Church about what it is we are doing. Are we speaking the truth in ways that a person going through the motions will hear and want to transform their lives? If they are in the church going through the motions, its obvious that they are somewhere in their hearts searching for that way to get closer to God but are we meeting them to help them along their journey.

Are we the church going to just sit next to a person who is spiritually wanting, never reaching out to them but just content to have them in the church building?

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  1. Love the quote from your prof. Hope you are well! I checked out your website, designed as a blog; trying to decide whether I want to invest the time right now into trying to design a site for myself. Good luck on your final! Later.

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