How quick are you to judge?

Appearance does matterHow quick are you to judge? In our society, we have gotten to the point where we do look at something with a glance and believe we know what its all about. We do that with people, movies, cars, and everything else.

Article from –> Internet users judge Web sites in less than a blink

The writer says that people make a judgement about a website in less than one-twentieth of a second. If you want to think about how long that is, just blink. It was less than that.

Websites have to be professionally done. I know my website isn’t always the best (especially when I started it in 1996) but I have learned and am still learning to make it visually inviting for my target audience – you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites out there, especially Christian websites, that are poorly done. While their content is great, they lack making it past that initial judgement.

We have to design websites for a target group. By knowing who it is we are trying to reach with our content, we can design the visuals for them. Did you know that certain colors mean different things depending on the culture you are in? Do you know what the “new black” is if you were targeting a website for a youth culture in Western Europe? When do you use straight lines verses curved lines?

It might look good to you but are you your target audience?

At eDOT these are the things we think about when helping ministires use websites to reach different people groups. If you have these skills, would you be willing to volunteer your time with us? Please contact us.

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