Exciting addition to eDOT

Answering-Islam.org in its current stateAt eDOT, we are always looking at different ways to use technology to build the church in Europe. We do this through many partnerships and our latest partnership is working with the organization behind Answering-Islam.org.

Answering-Islam.org is the largest website that looks at the religion of Islam from a Christian perspective. eDOT is partnering with the group to help redesign the site so that getting to the information is easier and more intuitive (which if you go there now, we have not made the redesigns yet).

This partnership is wonderful as not only does this website help many Christians get a better understanding of Islam (so that we can better make contacts with Muslims and build friendships) but this site is also a great tool for many Muslims to in turn come to a better understanding of Christianity. Right now, Muslims are the fastest growing populations in Europe but this website will help in communicating with them but also helps in communicating with Muslims around the world.

Please pray for those working on this site that they can make it into an even better tool for building contacts with the Muslim world.

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