PrayEurope 40-40-40 — Portugal

Located between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, the Reformation never really made its way to Portugal leaving the Catholic Church as the major influencer until recent history when secular humanism and materialism have come into play. Dear Father, We thank You for Portugal’s Christian heritage and the legacy that gives the people there.  We pray […]

PrayEurope 40-40-40 — Netherlands — Norway — Poland

The Netherlands is the land of windmills and tulips.  Religion is more of an excuse for family gatherings (like weddings, christenings, etc) rather than knowing God in a personal way.  A wide array of immigrants is causing much tension as different faiths are being pushed up against one another. Dear God, Please be with those […]

PrayEurope 40-40-40 — Lithuania — Luxemburg — Macedonia

Been traveling but now home – now to catch you up on my prayers over the last few days. Lithuania was once the largest state in Europe (back in the 1400s) and was the first state to declare its independence in the fall of the Soviet Union.  Just north of Belarus, this country is rich […]