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You eat like a Moldovian

Apr 16, 2009   //   by Courtney   //   eDOT Related, Moldova  //  No Comments

“You eat like a Moldovian” my host said to me (through a translator as I don’t speak much Romanian and he doesn’t speak much English).  To me, this was a huge compliment.  Its very interesting as I travel in many different cultures that each culture seems very proud of its food.  So whenever I am in a place, I don’t try to figure out what the food is or try and figure out what it will taste like before I eat it.  Instead I watch my hosts and see how they put the food on their plate and do the same (sometimes in smaller quantities though).  I just try to experience the food as they do.  My main rule is – “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.  If you don’t know what the food is, then you probably won’t have a problem eating it.  I also keep in mind, that what some people say is “disgusting” in one place, others will say is a delicacy somewhere else.

For me, this is a part of my striving to be like Jesus.  Read more >>

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