Our App Development Process

Mobiles are the present and future of technology for ministry. With that in mind, eDOT has been steadily increasing its presence into this realm over the past several years. We began by looking at how to harness text messaging for ministry follow-up and interactions, moved to “mobile first” web design, and we are now designing smartphone apps.

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Solving the question of How

Most Information Technology based work is solving the question of “How”.  How do we communicate with individuals quickly and efficiently?  Email.  How do we enable team collaboration through great distances?  Intranets and collaboration software.  You get the idea.  Here’s some of the “How” questions we’ve been working on lately or are continuing to work on:

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Text Messaging’s Impact

If you ever wonder why we spend time trying how to figure out how to leverage SMS/Text Messaging – this info graphic shows the impact texting is having on the world.  Now let’s use this not only to improve people’s physical well-being but their spiritual as well. Check it out: Created by: MBA Online