Dreams Come True

I remember as a child thinking about Africa and ‘the BIG game hunters’ going out to face the lions and rhinos. That was the image originally imprinted on my brain until I started learning more about Africa (my ideas of Africa have changed considerable especially once I married someone from this continent) Well today I got to be that great hunter except with a camera instead of a gun.

I thought that the “safari” ride at Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World was spectacular and probably very similar to what its like to be on safari (they really do do a great job at Walt Disney World) however I have to say that it does pale to some of the excitement of really going 4X4’ing through the bush. There were some times today that my heart got racing. Like when we came up on a group of white rhinos getting about 20 feet away from a momma rhino with her child. Exhilerating!

We also had a fun time when we were stopped and a monkey slipped in through the window to steal some grilled corn it some how knew we had in the car. Or when another monkey ran right up to my niece’s window making her jump into her father’s lap. We also played ‘chicken’ with some zebras and some water buffalo.

When I get back to Germany, I’ll work on getting my photos loaded up here. Until then, just know that my dream of a safari adventure has come true.

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