Our Mascot & more about the conference


For the past two days we have awoken to an extra companion in our room. He sneaks in after we go to sleep. He’s very friendly and brings many gifts with him (fleas). Honey, if you are reading this than please know that I’m going to need some itch cream when I get home.
I thought I would take a moment and tell you more about the youth conference we are at. Over 3000 youth and youth workers showed up for the conference (they were expecting 2500 – oops). They come from many different countries that were all at one time a part of the Soviet Union (obviously not now). The common language here is Russian but when people pray they usually pray in their mother tongue. This is the first time that they have been able to get together EVER. The conference (actually called a congress or Kongress) is put on by the Baptist Union. We are at a camp here in Odessa, Ukraine that in communist days was a camp for training and bringing up the Communist Youth.
Now the American in me wants to say that that is so ironic as my American value system says that Comunism is wrong however there are many here who would disagree with me (and they have legitimate reasons to support it). But the grand thing is that we are brothers and sisters in Christ first and we believe in a God who is bigger than democracy or communism so we can stand together and worship Him.
Praise God or Slava Boga (although I’m unsure of the correct spelling).

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