eDOT (electronic Discipleship Outreach Training – a ministry of Greater Europe Mission)
eDOT is a diverse team who wants to see people become fruitful Christ followers who reproduce themselves. We are web designers, seminary professors, programmers, engineers, editors, project managers, curriculum developers, and system administrators. We develop technology solutions that will enable the seeds of the Gospel to be planted, nurtured, and harvested in every people group living in Europe and North Africa. As we develop technologies to connect people around the world, we can help Europeans come together to be part of a missionary force, actively engaging in the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom worldwide.

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For us to do what we do, we have to raise up a team of supporters that will partner with us financially. We need to raise monthly financial support for our work throughout Europe. This must cover all our living, travel and ministry costs. It takes more than just a few people. In order to raise 100% of our monthly support budget, we need a TEAM.

We are currently about 89% supported at this time.  (May, 2014)

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Recent Posts

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